The Field Is A Go…Thank You Donors!

But the work is not done. AllBlue’s mission is to make the new field as extraordinary as possible. That is why we are launching our new “Ad Alts” Fund Raising Campaign with a goal of raising roughly $580,000 to cover the costs of additional enhancements and improvements to the new field. To learn more about the “Ad Alts” Campaign click the field image below or email your questions to

Ad Alts

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, AllBlue completed the Grandstands & Press Box campaign in record time. Because of all of the support from our donors, Swampscott will now have a new field. Now the question becomes, how amazing do we want the new field to be? AllBlue is launching a new fund raising […]

Goal $800,000

Total Pledged & Donated $345,000