In May 2015, seven years of hard work finally paid off with Town Meeting approval of a $1.6 million investment to build a new multisport turf facility at Blocksidge Field.

With one condition

AllBlue Foundation MUST raise $300,000 no later than May 2016 for the purchase and installation of Home Grandstands and a Press/Announcer’s Box for the project to move ahead. The sooner the Town receives $300,000 from AllBlue, the sooner the Town can begin the “Bid, Design & Build” process. As such, AllBlue has a goal of closing out this campaign by November 2015, to enable completion of the project by Fall 2016. The good news, we are off to a strong start.

We will continue to post updates and progress reports to the website and our FaceBook page (we will hyperlink the FaceBook).

Longer term

There remains a long list of needed improvements at Blocksidge Field & Phillips Park. It doesn’t stop with a new field and grandstands at Blocksidge. AllBlue’s objective is to be a long-term partner and steward of future improvements to Blocksidge and Phillips Park. Upon completion of our “Grandstand and Press Box” fundraising, AllBlue will work to identify future improvement projects. We estimate these additional improvements will require AllBlue to raise an additional $800,000.

Grandstands & Press...

AllBlue Foundation’s initial campaign to raise $300,000 in private, tax-deductible contributions from the community will support the installation of new home grandstands and press box at Blocksidge Field. There are two ways to help AllBlue meet its goal; direct donations to AllBlue Foundation and also through our ongoing Pave The Way Legacy Brick Campaign.

Goal $500,000

Total Pledged & Donated $325,000